Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Spiritual View of Radical Traditionalism

Materialism as The Progenitor of Eugenics and Scientific Racism

Total dehumanization as a consequence of Liberalism

(nb: this article does not refer to the "RadTrad" term as used in discussion within the Roman Catholic milieu)

The main enemy of Traditionalism is, as one might typically expect, that of Liberalism. Let us define terms: mainly, Liberalism as being the concept of Rule by the People, as opposed to a Traditional rule that framed society.

Thus out of Liberalism spread the notion of progress -- that the old frame did not merely structure, but restrain mankind and that its abolition would create a new and better society -- that humanity as a whole would progress.

Now, with the concept of progress fully established as a goal, attachment to science and technology became concretized within the collective unconscious, as the advancement of these fields gave the illusion of the advancement of society and of the human condition.

There is no issue or argument to be had with science and technology, but it is an obvious fallacy to believe that they are barometers of the essence of humanity. It seems clear now that through the advent of the Industrial Age into the Information Age and to now, what might be called the Genetic Age, where biology itself is treated as technology to manipulate -- through all this time, the essence of humanity has remained the same. 

In fact it is the attachment of science to the notion of progress that has always eventually led to the dehumanization of humanity. Science in its very nature is predicated, axiomatically, on a belief in Materialism -- that is, the rejection of unseen (occult) forces or realms, and only that which is of a hylic nature can be Truth.

Through this, Man becomes merely another animal - Darwinism. Through this, sociology takes up the mantle of Social Darwinism - of Eugenics and Scientific Racism and ultimately, this leads to genocide. Materialism is, of course, not the only cause of genocide (as any ideology taken to its extreme will lead to it), but it seems to slide inevitably into mass slaughter, slavery, degradation and complete dehumanization.

Again, this is not a Luddite position! Modern conveniences, a greater understanding of the world around us, vast medical advancements, etc. -- these are indeed blessings. But how have they changed the human condition? Has there been found a solution to greed, to conspiracy, tyranny, exploitation, brutality, warfare, or the struggles of existential angst and the search for meaning?


We see then that progress is impossible, except and only within the individual. Therefore we must conclude that society must be managed by some form of steady governance, and that the great experiment begun in the age of enlightenment is a failure. If this is not thoroughly understood and accepted the world will become ever increasingly unlivable, in shambles. 

And thus Liberal Idealism stands in ruins, like the once great statue of Ozymandias, proclaiming "My name is SOCIAL PROGRESS, Look Upon my works, ye Mighty and despair!"

And so we laugh.

So then what is left? Kings? Emperors? Caesarism? Or have we possibly learned just enough from the last great experiment that such draconian systems are not needed for stable, sustainable society? Can we, perhaps, settle upon a form of Conservative Socialism?

This is the 4th Position. The balance of the collective need and the individual drive towards mastery. The rejection of capitalism, of liberalism, of materialism, of failed Marxist theories and crackpot utopias.

And yes, the rejection of any concept of race besides a mystical sense of the term - of many collections of peoples within our great human family who have all been tempered differently, heated and cooled and molded in variations by something grander than ourselves: a cosmic order, of which we can only get some sideways glance of. 

It is a rejection of Darwin and Spencer, and a reclamation of Animism and of the wisdom of the deep ancient past which told us that it was Unseen Forces which ruled our fates. Which from these forces came analogies, turned into mythologies and finally etched into stone as religion. Science - a search for Truth. Mysticism - a search for Truth. Yet only one rejects the immeasurable essence of mankind.

Truth can not be known to the world but only to the individual. Believe this or not, you have only the shackles of dogma to throw off or bind tighter. That is your choice.

So thus we come to a spiritual concept of Radical Traditionalism. As we have seen the failure of all previous systems of traditional governance and order, we must piece together through the ashes a workable tradition. As the ages pass so must we reconfigure. And thus we start, you could say, a new great experiment. The experiment to see if the old ways can work - that we give ourselves back to the body of The Leviathan, but with a renewed and more humane social contract.

And of course there is the place for referendums, for popular movements and the necessity of adjustments. The people give their consent to be governed, for the order to be maintained as individual progress carries on and the needs of the collective are met. 

And yet, they must eschew democracy with its false promise of greener pastures. No separatist party or rebel faction can deliver any promise other than greater conflict and instability. 

The trust between the governance and the people must be complete. The root of distrust is corruption, a lack of a spiritual connection to the Nation which spirals out into decay. No issue can be allowed to fester until a cancer starts to grow in the Nation, because it is the people who give life to the Nation, and sustain it. The health of the Nation is the health of the people and visa-vi.

Just perhaps this can be achieved through the 4th Position -- Where the collectivist impulse for tribal affiliation is given in its fullest expression through Nationalism, and the individualist impulse towards mastery is praised and exalted -- while being directed and guided towards the common good of the whole of the Nation. With this balance, perhaps, a sustainable and meaningful society can be achieved. 

This, to us of the Grey Front, is the only sane choice.

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