Monday, August 4, 2014

The Fourth Position on Race and Work

4th Position = National Socialism - Racialism - Corporatism + Innovation

Racial politics is no longer appropriate or feasible, and racial theories do not hold up for any Nation with a strong central identity - we can see many examples in today's real world where ethnicity has no effect on the abilities and activities of the citizens: Turkey, Russia, & most of South America are examples. 

A racialist will say that these "ethnicities" are a narcissism of small difference, that they are brown and less brown, or white and another kind of white. We can assure you that the peoples of those nations do not see it that way, but adherence to a higher order is what is important. All anthropology and social science has been continually pointing to the primacy of Culture, and that worldview trumps phenotype. Does Race drive Culture? This is still an unanswered question, one we are not interested in debating. 

Obviously, people are ethnically different, outwardly and to some degree inwardly; but we hold that it is neither possible nor of interest to hold to a standard of racial purity among the citizenry of the Nation. However we are not developing a national culture, we're developing a framework -- a theory of Nation, not specific ideals for specific nations. If your Nation is homogenous, it should most probably remain that way. The United States, for instance, is not such a place and either secession or genocide would be necessary for a 'White Nation' to form there -- we do not see this as possible in the foreseeable future. 

We see this question of race as an abstraction. There are either citizens of the Nation or foreign aliens, this is the distinction that matters. Your Nation Is Your Race. Your Race is Your Nation. Your allegiance to some either real or imagined racial heritage is treason. This is what we see as radically traditional. 

Of course this is not some call for open immigration and the policies of the Globalists who seek ruin and the end of nation-states. They would transplant peoples of widely different cultures, traditions, religions, and worldviews into another country and say they will flourish. Of course they don't flourish and only act as a detriment to those countries identities and standards! 

These countries are failing, certainly, and the "race realists" see this as evidence that peoples cannot coexist because of racial differences. In reality they cannot coexist because they do not have the same goals, shared ideals, or even in many cases, the same language. That is not a Nation, that's just some people shoved together. That is what these Globalist Elites who want a One World Order would like: complete displacement, discord and disorder so that there can be no proper organization against their agenda.

"Multikulti" is incompatible with the 4th Position. Please to not see nuance as hand-waving or capitulation to the politically correct. We seek only to present the politics of the possible, not a fantasy dream of the "perfect state." We have to work with the pieces we have already on the board, and we will state emphatically that we do not have a plan for a perfect utopia, nor are those ideologies useful in any way.

The importance of the citizen is that they are a citizen; ethnicity has no bearing. Those who oppose the culture of the Nation will either leave the Nation, or pantomime assimilation. A confederacy of Nations thus must be established so that no human is forced into the degradation of pantomime assimilation - of going along to get along. This is demoralizing, devastating to the psyche and detrimental to the health of the Nation.

If you are a proud citizen, committed, true to the State, your heritage has no bearing -- your true mother IS the Nation!

The old ways of Corporatism no longer work either. Corporations will insist on having it their way -- all major industries necessary to the functioning of the state must be nationalized. Private industry, of course, will not be abolished but the culture of consumerism and constant economic growth can not be sustained, it will of course fail. "Planned obsolescence," ironically, is destined for obsolescence. Goods must be built to last, and all essential items must be able to be had by all peoples of the Nation. With this, the petty jealousies of the bourgeoisie - to keep up with the Jones' - will be a mere trifle.

But people will want what they want, and the merchant class can not be abolished. It is and always has been part of the natural order of human culture. What must be absolutely not tolerated, however, is financial speculation. A central bank must be the property of the Nation, to lend on credit, not loan on interest. Debt cannot be money -- the old banking system, again, is unsustainable and will fail. It is merely a racket formed by criminals and allowed a free pass by the false "representatives" of the people under corrupted democracy. The damn is breaking as these words are being written.

Design, engineering, art, science, exploration, athletics, agriculture, manufacturing, construction -- these activities are the pulse of the Nation. If they are not given sustenance the Nation will fail. To let any derision come upon the ditch digger and pipe layer is to deride the Nation itself. All work has meaning, all work has purpose.

Within Capitalism, people are allowed to fall through the cracks -- to end up without real work, to become wastrels, criminals, suicidal, homicidal, drug addicted... These are people without purpose. The Nation must not allow people to fall through the cracks, they must been given with enthusiasm the opportunity for work, at a level commensurate with their talents. The morale of the people can not be left to Capitalists who see job seekers as pests, employees as slaves and the unemployed as "useless eaters."

Yet the drive towards the further accomplishment of humanity, of imagination - possibility - curiosity must be instilled in all. The true growth of the human species is through innovation and higher levels of understanding -- not political maneuverings or phony economic numbers. "Social mobility" can thus be replaced by an actual mobility of education and aptitude, as the Nation will provide any eager citizen with the opportunity to pursue greatness. 

And yes, again, to all supremacists and racial ideologues it must be stated quite clearly that your Utopia of Purity is a fiction, an impossibility. It is one more Utopia to be thrown into the trash-bin, alongside democracy and theocracy.

And lest you think the Grey Front is pompous in its thinking that WE have the real solution -- it is guaranteed that any social structure proposed by us will also eventually fail due to the individualist impulse slowly superseding the collective impulse, creating corruption, greed and collusion which slowly tear the system down.

The Grey Front attempts to provide nothing more than perhaps the most stable, fair and humane form of governance possible at this time.

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